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Go, See, and Do

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Have you ever...

Experienced the terror of free-falling off a cliff knowing a rocky stream bed is far below?


Hiked though bat infested caves?


Determined that you prefer eating scorpion to sea horse?


Trekked through the Himalayas...


...or the Amazon?


Lived through a military coup?

MtFuji_FujiCity (1)_edited.jpg

Climbed Mount Fuji three times?

 Had a top-secret security clearance and carried a federal badge...or been a courier for the president of the United States?


Traveled to more than eighty countries spanning all seven continents?

ALL about


Davis Hawkins lives a life of adventure and travel, approaching each opportunity with the mantra to “Go, See, and Do.” He chronicles his life through this lens, starting with his southern California upbringing before moving to Japan at an impressionable age. He experienced a changing America and East Asia landscape in the mid-twentieth century living in Japan. These moments impacted his life through his military service and directed him to successful financial and consulting careers overseas. He continued traveling, embracing any opportunity to visit different cultures. He visited over 80 countries spanning all seven continents, finding human shrunken heads in Borneo, trekking in the Himalayas and the Amazon jungle, camping in the Gobi Desert, dining at the U.S. State Department, couriering for the President of the United States, receiving a U.S. congressional subpoena, surviving a military coup, and much more. In retirement, he reflects on his expatriate journey, hoping to pass down his stories to his descendants just as his ancestor’s stories were told to him. It is through his tales that he wishes to keep his family heritage alive, with a few shocks, insights, and laughs along the way.

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W. DAVIS HAWKINS, JR. is a graduate of Stanford University with later MBA studies concentrated in finance. He authored two books: Soviet and Communist Chinese Influence in Asia and Japan’s Role in Asia. Both were published by the government in the early 1970’s and are classified Secret. Having lived on the east and west coasts and fourteen years in Asia, Davis now resides in Hawaii. He wrote Go, See, and Do firmly believing there is significance in every family’s history.

My Books
From Go, see, and do
by davis hawkins

While Go, See, and Do describes a life of adventure, diversified experiences and travel, it also shares perspective on other topics and interests.  Specifically, the book comments on a personal finance hobby, retirement, and life’s lessons.

Everyone has a story.  I encourage anyone reading this to consider sharing some life experiences and commentary by adding a few pages to a three-ring binder to be shared with your children and grandchildren.  They, in turn, will add their experiences and observations.  Like a family bible or prayer book, the binder can be passed from generation to generation.  Wouldn’t you love to read about the life and times of your great, great, great grandparents?

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